The role of video in blended learning. Webinar

The role of video in blended learning. Webinar

Op 18 februari 2016 verzorgde de Media & Learning Association een webinar over de rol van video in blended learning. Wilfred Rubens en Carlos Turro Ribalta van UP Valencia geven hun visie. Het webinar is in het Engels.

18 februari 2016: M&L Webinar: The role of video in blended learning

Given the extent to which blended learning approaches are increasingly commonplace in universities and colleges all over Europe, it is not surprising that the use of video continues to grow. But how do you get the mix right? And more importantly, how can you create a balance between the different tools and activities? Join our speakers to talk about this important subject.

Watch the recording of the M&L webinar: The role of video in blended learning

- Wilfred Rubens, independent consultant, The Netherlands
- Carlos Turró Ribalta, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain (start 20:49)

Wilfred Rubens (1964) currently works as an independent consultant on technology enhanced learning. He provides advice, keynotes, presentations, workshops and classes about technology enhanced learning. Wilfred has been professionally involved in e-learning for more than 19 years. He is doing a PHD on technology enhanced lifelong learning. For more than 12 years he blogs about ICT and learning. June 2013 he published a book about elearning trends and developments (in Dutch). Recently he was co-author of a book about social learning. Wilfred is also one of the editors of the Dutch portal member of the advisory board of the annual Dutch Next Learning conference and member of the advisory board of the ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN.

Carlos Turró is M.D. and PhD from UP Valencia. He is working since 1992 for that University and since 2000 until now he is Head of Media Services department. From that place he has developed the Polimedia service as a system to create Video Learning Objects. Currently, the Polimedia system is used from more than ten universities and has produced more than 8000 learning objects. The Polimedia system was granted with the Spanish national award FICOD 2009 for the promotion of digital services.